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Relationship Coaching With William Rapp


My name is William Rapp and I am a relationship coach in Pretoria.

What do I do:

– re-examine what love is, and create a love map;
– remember that initial spark that brought you together;
– together have a vision of how you want your marriage to look;
– re-ignite the romantic part of the marriage;
– re-ignite communication

As a qualified coach specialising in relationship coaching I can get you back on track in a relationship where you will fall in love all over again.

I will help:

* put the spark back into your relationship.

* rebuild the passion that was once there between you and your partner.

* remember why your partner is your best friend.

* ride out the arguments so that they are no longer stumbling blocks.

* renew a loving and harmonious relationship.

* live life fully, and have a happy and meaningful relationship.

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About me

I grew up in a stable and loving home. Even while being content as a child I had stages of depression and then extreme happiness. There were also times that I felt like committing suicide. Much later in my thirties, I was diagnosed with bipolar and a lot of my early life began to make sense.

At a very young age, I was ordained to the priesthood in the Anglican Church. As a priest, I spent two terms in the South African Air Force as a military chaplain. During this time and my time as a parish priest, I worked with a lot of couples with marriage and relationship problems.

At the age of 26, I got married and we were blessed with two wonderful sons. After 14 years of marriage, we separated.

I met my current wife and we got married 6 years later.

At the same time as this, it was forced to part ways with the Anglican Church.

Dealing with people who have gone through a divorce and having gone through a divorce myself, has made me aware of how many unhappy relationships there are in the world. Having bipolar has also made me aware of the impact this and other diseases can have on a relationship/marriage.

After parting with the Church, I tried various things without success which made me feel like a total failure at times. I found at times that I questioned God as to his love for me.
Over some time God led me to join a Faith based N.G.O which gave me the strength to carry on.

Due to being a marriage officer since I became a priest, which involved doing coaching of couples planning to get married, together with my experience with people with problems with their relationships, I decided to concentrate on coaching couples and I left the N.G.O.

I enrolled for a Life Coaching course and with the help of a business coach, I started my relationship coaching practice.
To this coaching practice, I bring with me all of the experience I have had over the last 33 years.