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Relationship Coaching With William Rapp


My name is William Rapp and I am a relationship coach in Pretoria.

I assist couples to bulletproof and improve their marriages and relationships.

What I have discovered is that nearly all marriages have their ups and downs and that sometimes it helps to have someone outside the marriage to provide a better perspective.

What do I do: I help couples:

– re-examine what love is, and create a love map;
– remember that initial spark that brought them together;
– together have a vision of how they want their marriage to look;
– ignite the romantic part of the marriage;
– see how they can compliment each other as they grow together.

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As your coach

I am dedicated to helping you achieve the best results in your journey together.

I will assist you to:

* put the spark back into your relationship.

* rebuild the passion that was once there between you and your partner.

* remember why your partner is your best friend.

* ride out the arguments so that they are no longer stumbling blocks.

* live life fully, and have happy and meaningful relationships.

Contact Me For a Free 15 minute Breakthrough Session